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Tanjore Dancing Dolls

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    Tanjore dolls or Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai are often displayed during the festival of Navratri. Besides that, people generally love to keep them as a show piece.
    These Golu dolls hold great cultural and religious significance. Also known as Butta Bomma dolls  or Bobblehead dolls, these paper mache dolls are our best selling product across categories.
    If interested in learning more about these colourful dolls, you can go here to read our blog.
    102 products

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are Thanjavur dolls made of?

    The Thanjavur doll is a type of traditional Indian bobblehead or roly-poly toy made of terracotta material. The centre of gravity and total weight of the doll is concentrated at its bottom-most point, generating a dance-like continuous movement with slow oscillations.

    By what other names are the Tanjore Dancing Dolls called?

    Tanjore dancing dolls are also called as Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai, Butta Bomma, Bommalu, Bommarillu, Bomma, bobblehead dolls, roly-poly dolls, Golu dolls, Navratri dolls, etc.

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