Feng Shui And Vastu

Feng Shui And Vastu

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    Shop for crystal trees, horse decors and nandhi decor under our "Vastu decor and Feng Shui Decor" section. If you have doubts regarding the placement of the product as per feng shui or vastu, please proceed to our FAQs section.

    35 products

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Where should I place a crystal tree?

    Crystal trees can bring the user feelings of wealth and abundance if placed in the proper area. Make sure to place the tree in the corner of your chosen room but not too close to the bed. Placing a crystal tree near windows, doors, and mirrors can help increase its positive energy and vibration.

    What is the purpose of a crystal tree?

    Crystal trees serve dual purposes. Aesthetically, they enhance your living space with their beauty. Energetically, crystal trees emanate vibrations that can bring about balance, harmony, and positive change in your environment.

    How to charge a crystal tree?

    1. Natural Light: Placing it where it can absorb natural light directly is one of the simplest ways to charge your crystal tree.
    2. Earth Charging: It can be particularly effective to ground the energy of your crystals and cleanse them more profoundly by burying them in the earth overnight.

    Can crystal trees be gifted?

    Yes, crystal trees can be gifted on any occasion like birthday, christmas, new year as good luck gifts, meditation gifts, reiki gifts and chakra gifts etc.

    What are crystal trees called?

    Crystal trees are also called as gem trees, bead trees or Feng Shui trees.

    Where should I place Horse decor as per Vastu?

    Keeping a horse statue at home is considered auspicious as it signifies energy, success, happiness and prosperity. As per Vastu, one must keep horse figurines in the south corner. Make sure that the horse statue does not face any door or window.

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