Kutch Handicraft

Kutch Handicraft

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    The embroideries of Kutch contribute in large measure to the cultural history of women's embroidered textiles anywhere in the world. Shop for Patola silk wallet, Bandhani bags, Mashru Leriya silk purses, Bela hand block print slings and more @Smris

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    32 products

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What types of handicrafts can I find in Kutch?

    Kutch is famous for its intricate embroidery, bandhani (tie-dye), block-printing, pottery, bell metal craft, wood carving, and Rogan art.

    How many crafts are there in Kutch?

    Kutch's craft industry is composed of over twenty one craft livelihoods. Craft is a living creative industry made from the hands of skilled artisans and generations-old tradition. The rich and diverse creative traditions of Kutch live at the intersection of cultures and communities.

    What is the style of Kutch art?

    Kutch is known for the colorful silken threads that decorate traditional Kanchlies and Kanjaries worn by Kutchie women. Embroidery is the most visible and recognized craft in Kutch. More than 40 styles of embroideries color the region, representing Kutch's diverse cultures, communities, and landscapes.

    What are the traditional motifs of Kutch embroidery?

    Designs are influenced by the embroiderers' surroundings and motifs include flowers, scorpions, peacocks, parrots, elephants and milkmaids. Mirrors, abhla are regularly incorporated into the designs.

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